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Moving Universes

By: Theresa J Morris

Absolute Gnosis of the Expanse

We who share an infinity for the cosmos share in caring for all that exist in all chaos and order as balance in our entire existence of all.

Those of us who know of the consciousness of all that exists has been called the “ALL I AM” as in the “ABSOLUTE” or “GOD.”

We are celebrating the fact that we all do now know it all as individual sentient intelligent beings or all things that exist in the cosmos no matter if a form of matter or anti-matter and all the weak and powerful forces which exist in the “ALL.”

We now share our quantum physics neurological patterns of what it takes to be and allow our choices to make connections.

We are the existence we need to acknowledge that the “ALL I AM” is in each of us as an individual sentient intelligent being as individuals who exist in separate physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, electrical, or neurological systems of operations as one (1) being inside a base of the species we call homo sapiens on the planet base of Terrans or Tera or Earth. Earth is a planet where those exist who are considered stewards of the planet which exist inside one of many galaxies inside a universe among many universes.

We are all in a hierarchy of levels of the chain of events which happen in all levels of life as a force which gives all things life.

A combined unit as a species is called on to allow all beings of similar sentience to exist in the entire cosmos.  

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