Mib Series

What MEN IN BLACK? ET Men in Black.

By: Theresa J Thurmond Morris edited and enhanced by Richard T Knight

For a dedication to all people who have been able to educate themselves on mysteries of earth and those who are called to service in the intelligence community.

Many people who I know to be working in the intelligence community when I was growing up have either passed on or are too feeble to care anymore about our work as investigators. So, should I bother to concern myself or others about the truth which I believe holds all of us in their way of existing?

 We may never know the full truth about who we are and why we are to those above who may be the only ones that matter.

Why we are born to live and then die is a mystery. Let’s face it. No one on earth who is a creature like a human being can tell you the way to the one with all the worldly wisdom much less to the cosmos and back.

Where do we begin to share about those, we call the Men in Black? Maybe what I have to share isn’t the only truth and the whole truth and nothing but the truth, but it will be my own. So, this book is dedicated to all those who may be curios.

What men in black one might ask? First of all, one might need to know the phrase and where and how it came to be in our etymology or understanding in the world.

What happened to the internet I once knew? Even the Wikipedia has changed. There use to be a description of MEN IN BLACK on the internet which explained the history in the UFO Words of how the men in black as strange beings who always appeared in black especially around someone who was being visited by aliens, ET, or seen a U.F. O. It’s all disappeared.

It’s easy to make one think they are going crazy and loosing touch with reality. Working in the world with the “Spook” business and people who get paid as private investigators will allow one to learn a lot about the world other’s do not gain information too!

Then after twenty years go by one who has been doing investigations before the dawn of the internet and we can use the change of Windows 95 as the time when people were able to learn more about the internet that existed above and beyond simply using AOL which was a way to get online and discover others inside AOL and then there was Facebook.

But the story I want to tell is all about the world of UFOS and the Ancient Mystery Schools of those who studied alchemy and metaphysics.

This is the world where all the interesting supernatural stories begins of history that made one want to know more about what was really going on in this world.

But due to times, we who keep up as the knowing scribes of the flame or the history on earth and have a sharp eye for knowing how intelligence information can be taught and works one does have to know what lesson was learned and how the intelligence business grew and was used to assist others after World War II. So, we can refer to all that happened before World War II and the Korean War after the wars we call I and II in this world.

There are many topics of discussion and a background to discuss the Men in Black and it all has to do with the intelligence gathering business and keeping secrets.

There are many topics which will need researching and I am putting together the ACO Express for ACO Reporters for journalists and civil servants as citizens.

We can all learn who can expect to be visited by the MEN IN BLACK. We now will call them the MIB.  But I want to tell the story that happened in my lifetime.

Most people may not believe they exist anyway or that these are simply tales or folklore.

We will do our best to work as a team of writers on a project to get information back onto the Internet with a General Browser that no particular one person or one organization has to control or make money with, but this is going to be hard to do.

So, I have filed a not-for-profit organization called Ascension Cosmos Oracles to keep us honest about sharing information we can allow others to find inside the internet open-source intelligence information.

We will all learn that the books we put out for educating the populace is of being in service to others and to allow people to become more encouraged about obtaining knowledge of their own humanoid sentient intelligent being species.

(Put in the meaning of MEN IN BLACK – Sight Wikipedia)

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