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“I Saw the Light By: PsychicGuide.US!”
Event hosted by American Communications Online. We are about to embark on a learning curve for all those who are not familiar with our Ascension Age Train the Trainer Classes for the future of our spirituality Wellness. Many are called but few are chosen as all or part of the universal laws. We will share our classes on the basics and then how to channel proposed higher self to direct connect. ACO American Communications Online
Ascension Center Organization Cooperative of Train the Trainer Programs
Event: Weekly Radio Shows Combined with Online Classes.
3406 Green Briar Ct., Apt A, Gulf Breeze, FL 32563-

Home Business:


Publishing Platform Developer

Resource Guides

Podcasts, Articles, Reports, radio shows, YouTube Videos, brand, consulting and research

We specialize in niche genres spirituality science women working at home. We share adults continuing education online from home while they learn how to support their own services to others.

We have learned that many people over the age of 65 are returning to work from home due to the inflationary culture we are all living under with cyberspace culture on the internet highway.

This is requiring most of us who can share digital marketing and communications of software.

We share what we are learning about and share as teachers with how we communicate about topics in all walks of life not just among women but mainly women supporting women.

How eternally grateful we are to be here now and have a humble home in a minimalistic changing world.

We are learning to share our presence online and to meet with each other weekly.

`discussion of important issues of the day, to
expand knowledge of lessons learned from past experiences,

to increase understanding of
the history of the profession, and to provide readers with

considered reviews of public literature concerning intelligence.

ACO Press Club USA, Canada, UK, India

All statements of fact, opinion, or analysis expressed in Studies in
Intelligence and CSI Publications are those of the Authors.
They do not necessarily reflect official positions or views of the
ACO – ACIR or any other US government entity, past or present.
Nothing in the contents should be construed as asserting or
implying US government endorsement of an article’s factual
statements and interpretations. – Department of American Communications
Online – is Allied Command Organization as ACO Association
ACE Life Coach
Psychic Awakening Classes for Trainers of Ascension Spirituality Wellness Courses.
We at Ascension Center Organization are sharing our Ancient Wisdom and New Thought Teaching Classes for Metaphysicians who desire to share in our ACO Club.
We have courses we have shared among our inner circle of friends for ages.
These courses were designed by the ancient ones with those above called the Ancient Wisdom Masters, Ascension Masters, Great White Brotherhood, and the Galaxy Allied Command to instill spirituality wellness in all body-mind-spirit mortals to become immortals.   
Only those who have done their own personal work, past lives, and raising of the veil were allowed to share in the Atlantis Oracle and Delphi Oracle prophecies.2 – 8-week,   2 -hour program a week features live, interactive online training in small groups with Theresa J Morris, ACO Life Coach, teacher for certification in the original Ascension Center Psychic Awakening Classes for Ascension Psychic Certified in various forms of esoteric wisdom art per class, including eight weekly classes and an annual  3 day Fri-Sat. Sun. mini-retreat for those who can travel to our Gulf Breeze, FL USA location.. ACO Life Coach Train the Trainer Series is aimed at addressing unique digital marketing one’s own profession as a practitioner online. Each of our recognized Trainers will be asked to become certified every 3 years as per our ACO Articles & By-Laws. All our programs are geared toward spiritual growth pastors in our metaphysical realms.
For those in our future Cobra Breath Babaji Meditations we can also incorporates yoga therapy and music-based mindfulness practices in our winter indoors Zoom or Skype Videos. We train our own Train the Trainers ACE Life Coaches. We are the elders of our Mystics, Oracles, Psychics, Sages, Seers, who warrant their lifetime dedication to all we have accomplished by training through our own lives on planet earth. By the end of the program, you will have received your Training Certificates for classes as certified ACE Life Coaches in at least 2 areas as we require in our Articles & By-Laws. Ascension Master Teachers.
 Our spiritual journey is about patience and virtues along the way. We all are aware of rocks in the road and sometimes the change takes time. I saw the Light is about our own magic. It’s about knowing we are more than simply human Terrans. We are about Ascension Shifting our Consciousness and our Souls home-base. The week of May 17, running for eight weeks and ending in mid-July.  This program would normally be priced at $89.99 but once you’ve joined the ACO Spirituality Wellness Community, we’ll give it to you for just $49.99. That is less than $10 an hour, over half of which is live and interactive! While we also train, the skills it will take to share in a team discipline. We plan on managing annual gatherings and will need those trained in our Team Groups for handling hard tasks that require leadership.  Numbers are strictly limited, at just 20 participants, so we recommend booking your place soon. Ascension Center Organization is a cooperative online with the Florida based Ascension Church Ohana Spiritual Education Classes and Books. ACE Life Coaches has been leading classes and retreats and delivering courses like this for several years. This is what people have said about this course: *Ascension Center Psychic Awakening Classes helped me tremendously.
WOW! I enjoyed my time just for me to expand my own skills.
We learned how to get certified for our variety of practices once thought pseudo-science.
 * I loved the smaller classes of just 5 the best.
 * I appreciate our spirituality wellness growth supportive community.
 ACO Club shares a wealth of resources worth funding for us all to save expenses for resources online.
Thankyou TJ for connecting us with your social network of friends in metaphysics and UFOs.
 * I feel more confident about myself in front of people now on radio shows.
 * Time needed for myself taken and well-nourished for my own’ soul.
 * Glad I have my certificate for completing my courses with TJ.
 *Very useful and I learned things will change your life.
 * Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this ACO Spiritual Community. I needed a home=base and more tools to deal with stressors in life.

Find support:

No matter your identity and how you relate to the outer world. There is a place for each unique individual in the world.

There is a reason no two of us are alike or exactly the same.

Snowflakes are all unique and we find this in all social sentient intelligent beings who are carbon based units.

We share that alien civilizations exist and identify with our groups who share their satisfying pleasure in knowing they are not alone in this universe.

Many of us can know and not just suspect or identify only.

We share that our information sharing with a higher source is fulfilling.

That we can relate to a higher power or source.

That there is a place in space we can call heaven or the other side of a dimensional realm.

Our group can be seen as lightworkers, truthseekers, ET Hybrids, contactees, abductees, CE5 identity, aliens, ets, ufo enthusiasts,

Ancient alien researchers, ancient astronaut theorists, and paranormal researchers.

We share mystics, oracles, psychics, sages, seers, shaman, and event revisioning remote viewers who change from former military training to revisioning civilian team training with neuro linguistic programmers, and motivational speakers.

We share radio shows of the cutting-edge languages in typology, epistemology, and etymology.

We have interests in supernatural, weird and strange topics of conversations, and sometimes ghosts, and apparitions.

Cryptozoology and monsters of our ancestor’s folklore is shared in radio, television, and movies.

We discuss movies and write editorials and reviews.

Try joining a support group and talking to peers who have had similar experiences.2

We Discuss the general way in which we can help our friends who are transitioning in ways we may not all conform too in our way of thinking. Therefore, we all have to be more open minded and welcoming and accepting of each other and our uniqueness.


and more tools to deal with stressors in life.

Find support:

No matter your identity and how you relate to the outer world. There is a place for each unique individual in the world.

My deep insight and thoughts of mind and reality:

I Do think strange so I am told.

Many people think about aliens and ufos but are still considered weird.

Supernatural, Mysteries, Magick, Phenomenal suggestions, and serendipity behavior such as déjà vu has causes people to react instead of accepting topics in today’s conversations in communications online.

Reduce discomfort: Utilize practices such as breast binding or genital tucking to minimize physical characteristics that contribute to feelings of dysphoria.

Care for yourself: Prioritizing self-care and emotional wellness, including doing things that make you feel good about yourself and your body.

Affirm your identity: Try doing small things that will help affirm your gender identity. This might include wearing certain accessories, changing your hairstyle, or asking others to refer to you by your preferred pronouns. 

Plan for the future: People may also opt to pursue legal options to transition to their desired gender as well as transitioning in social settings. Research the steps and make a plan that will help you work toward your long-term goals, whether those goals involve making a medical, social, or legal transition.

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