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ACO CLUB and COMPASSION AND PASSION FOR OUR FUTURE OF HUMANITY! We have a wake-up call this weekend! Remember September 19-22 for Extraterrestrial Highway and what one person can change in us on this planet. This may have been considered outside the box in our world but it was time for the Cosmos today! Be kind and rewind. Consciousness has awareness. There is a divine presence in the cosmos as the original design and we know there is a divine plan of the divine architect. Love, Passion, Conviction, Joy, Light, Wisdom, and Passon and Purpose is now information for our intelligence community of the cosmos. We will share the mind and matter and spontaneous remissions and how to live in health and wellness. “What the Bleep!” This was a good movie to share and become aware. “HOW DO YOU DO IT?” “DO I CHANGE MY PERSONALITY AND REALITY?” There began workshops and change and now we measure people doing the uncommon and creating better lives. So much has happened and forming groups, workshops, groups, and common people now do the uncommon. Scientific history in neuroscience and how we change is now being realized and we are learning, accepting life is change.

The power that made the cosmos heals the cosmos the microcosm to the macrocosm and gives us a plan, a design, and a model. Let’s share synchronicity and focus on what we want to happen and not what we don’t want to happen. We are a species on a planet spinning through space and waking up to transformation in health and wellness. We can now see more, share more, know more. We are aware of the body-mind-spirit community.

Exploring space? Is that our goal? Satellites, technology, exploration is in alignment with our goals and visions and our destiny.

We have a specific formula for excellence. We have a clear purpose. We have competence. Someone who does something well. We can learn from experience. Accountability means we do it. If we combine one who is on purpose with competence and accountability and align with my purpose.

We do not have to manage people who stand out in the rest of the culture.

I run an Olympic level team in this universe. It’s not personal and we are living in a fast pace. If we look at what it takes to maintain the cosmos, we can all look at moving into the same direction and invisible thing called trust.

If I am competent and accountable, we can all learn to share the same purpose.

Some have no emotional intelligence and cannot work in a team. We lose sight of our purpose and vision and make wrong choices. The number one reason is called stress. Stress is the number once cause to move us out of balance. We learn what happens when we go into fight or flight and freeze and hide.

We relate to the culture of the environment of which we live. We have universal traits we call culture. Defined by the customs, the language, attitude, art, beliefs, social structure become the people we share and bond with as human beings. We have different traditions and culture is defined by things which have worked in the past. Cultures have a choice to create a choice as a vision of the future and some based on the past present reality of a changing world. Change is happening fast and we are creating a global culture. What defines the vision of the future and we have a clear purpose, vision, and elevated emotion and celebrated vision and purpose of joy.

The person waiting to feel empowered and is in the past. One who is in the past as a materialist can grow into the future as we experience the teaching of emotion and change the biology. We must change the inside with our insight of who we are in the future and the old model of cause and effect. The new model is cause the effect and we feel empowered now as we empower our success and we move into a new state of being and we have been doing this since 1989 with synergy and we live by knowing where we have been, while we view our vision of the future. Elevated emotions change the culture.

We can feel empowered with our environment and going into space and learning to terra form our planet and other planets in our galaxy and travel into other galaxies in the universe. We share thoughts and feelings from how we feel in the future. Get beyond the old self in the great work and we have studied motivation. The highest motivation is purpose or duty motivation and to instill change in the world. Look at Elon Musk who created Tesla Motors. He created an electric car and goes from 0 to 60 in 5 seconds. He said he could do it and he had a vision and he inspired and he got a group of people to share the same vision and he wanted to make a difference in the world and he made a lot of money. He held onto his vision and Motor Trend Magazine rated this care a 103. This care uses no gas. Make a difference with purpose, duty motivation, purpose as I am going to do this because I said I was going to do it. Personally convicted. Their personal conviction is alignment purpose. Morality motivation based on polarity as good and bad and right and wrong and these people preach one thing and do something else. A lot of models are based on this. Many people have a great sense of morality. Ego centered motivation is not lasting but high motivation and this is the product. The lowest motivation is money motivation. This motivation is selfish in their endeavors and it is taught but research shows to change something and contribution is always welcome. Affluence flows to you. Affluent people reflect a state of being.

We can signify that is on going as a prudent purpose to be healthy, wealthy and wise as a direction. My purpose is to transform individuals to clarify a new culture that has a vision as a world of possibility from thought into matter. From the wave of possibilities to the particles. Into the material from the senses.

ET’s assist in teaching how to set up goals with each person’s passion and each person’s purpose. We can have short term goals and be on purpose. We can set up goals on a path or a voyage. Keep clear on goals, on purpose, and we can set up an alignment on purpose. Getting healthy can have a good effect on us and a short-term goal and a long-term goal.      Learning knowledge is a purpose.

WE ARE REVIEWING OUR WAY OF LIFE AND OUR FUTURE. We love the synchronicity and we chase the mystical love of the unknown of our future in the new. We can learn to go with the change of uncertainty and unpredictability of the unknown. The moment we stop making the choices we always make and we step into the new self as we step into the new consciousness.

The body and mind can do no blame and no shame and one can say stop. The body may send signals to the brain and the body will send thoughts and chemicals and one may feel thoughts and find blame to put on others. This does not feel right. The thoughts can lead you back to the same choice, that produces the same habits of familiarity. The old hormonal depth of the old self. The magic happens in the unknown as entrepreneurs. A definition consistent individuals willing to take a risk.

Information can be intellectual data, philosophy, theory but some information can become personalized and one can learn to repeat the new information and can learn to think about what to do as a smart creator. Co-creators and your behaviors match your intentions and you have information about success and emotional intelligence and change of culture you can have a new experience. Enrich the circuits in your brain. You can feel like a successful leader and begin feeling new feelings and to teach your body chemically. Knowledge is for the mind and experience is for the body. The emotions are experiences in chemical form. You can learn to embody knowledge. If you have done it once and you can learn to repeat and learn new experiences that are good for you as conditioning the mind and body and learn this new way of life. You can become a new you from experiencer to initiate to master of your own creations and can embody you self. You can be a leader because you are success. You can become who you are. (Learn you are the placebo with Joe Dispenza who will offer you training the same as we do in our workshops at Ascension Center Psychic University) We know people who need behavior modification support groups. We want to offer success and we have 100 billion neurons in our brain. If we take time to learn how to fire and rewire together as whole brain thinkers and use our new synaptic connections as learners in the cosmos we can learn to synergize in our environment. Learning makes new connections. We can do this together and share in our events. Look for our events and when we are speaking at future events. We share long-term relationships as communicators in our ACO CLUB and American Communications Online Networks. We form a community of people with good thoughts, skills, behaviors, concepts. We can share our mystical magical thoughts and watch the change happen in our groups on facebook as social groups. We are all connected to a greater field and we begin to understand the Akashic Field, the A Field, the Theory of Everything. We are at a time in the world we need love, light, trainers, new creations and it’s going to happen in innovation, creation, invention, and how we proceed in our future. We have began towards our destiny in the Cosmos!

We have marked this future this weekend with the Extraterrestrial Highway with the Ascension Age Cosmos Changers Challenging how we think about alienologists, cosmologists, phenomenologists, ufologists, and UAP-UFO-USO Enthusiasts! We are living proof we can share our UFO Association Organization and represent groups who form on Facebook. Matty Roberts meant no harm in learning about aliens and expressing an Event at the Area 51 Area which brought attention to this September 19-22 dates and venue for an event that was meant to be imagined in the now and the future. We are coming together to learn how to expand and plan and grow in our change. One thing that is constant in the future is change.

I know my children will want someone to explain this besides me so I recommend Dr. Joe Dispenza who is a younger version of what I once learned and I have heard his talks on the internet. New thoughts should lead to new choices. New behaviors, new emotions, can inspire evolution. Your personality is made up of how you think, how you act, and how you feel.

If we learn information we can use and we can all work as individuals to act and participate as entrepreneurs. We know if we give people sound information and they can repeat the information they can create a new model of understanding. If we show how to apply the information, they can have a transformation. We can have our open hearts, joy, gratitude. Create more information and they will continue to transform themselves and this is called evolution.

We are the consciousness observing the program when we are reviewing our lives.

Clear Intention and Elevated Past and we can change our own way of life for humanity.

TJ Morris Agency


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Love, Live, Laugh, Learn Leave a Legacy of Gratitude


ON: SEPTEMBER 22, 2019 

Live, laugh, love, leave a legacy with gratitude. Health and wealth are an elevated state with a state of gratitude and feel thankful and take time sit down and close your eyes and just sense the act of open awareness and awaken your coherent state. Life is your initiation. Life reflects your reflection and what you create reflects your thoughts. Thoughts are things such as an opportunity for change every day.

No school of the ancients in the Himalayas anymore. Life is about being in the moment. Home study course for a week course. After 2 courses one can, be invited to an event we have. Many people teach health and wellness.

Since the co-creation of books, events, healing the world, writings, research and life lessons are divine in us all. Connect each day and love the phenomenon. We are the creators of our own lives and invest in yourself and invest in your future. Take the time we are works in progress. Take time to forgive one’s own self and others which is our blessing.

Not our need or demand to be something we are not. We become loving intelligence and become a giver of life. We become amazing will of nature and nurture and we don’t have to try to be liked or be important. We know it is enough to be. We know being is possible and consciously learning and growing and researching.

We can overcome pain and disease with our love and what we acknowledge as growth and change. The one thing that is constant is change and wholeness.

Be creative in your body, environment, and in this time, we have in this way of being in the three dimensions we know in this dualistic world we know as real – Same behaviors create the same experiences which drive the same emotions. Your biology, your genetic expression is equal to how you think, how you act, and how you feel. Your personal reality is how you think, you act, and how you feel. You will have to become aware of your unconscious thoughts and observe them. You will have to look at your emotions that are connected to your past and see if those emotions belong in your future. Most people try to become the same as your past but you are not your future.

Your brain is a record of the past. All the things you have learned and experienced up to this moment. The same life and the same habits are the same life you live every day and this can be comfortable and be complacency. Hurry up and get up and check your phone and live the same thing every day.

Nerve cells that fire together wire together. Thinking the same thoughts, making the same choices, and produce the same emotions then you are hardwiring the same thoughts into the same signature and the same life. This is science and we can become automatic emotional perceptions and attitudes that function just like a computer program. The repetition of your actions can teach your habits that your body knows its habits better the mind in the brain. 955 attitudes, thoughts, and beliefs are subconscious programs. When you do not learn something new you are not learning something new and you are the result of your habits. Making new connections is learning one bit of information and reviewing those new learning as behavior patterns. Learning makes new synaptic connections and memory is learning those new connections and creating the future. You need to define your memory that is your future that is bigger than you and you can learn to be new thoughts and new information can learn to new behaviors and new behaviors can produce new emotions and new emotions can drive new thoughts. This is called the evolution of the new you.

There are many great motivational teachers of thoughts which are creating your reality.

Organize new neurons and have new feelings and emotions to create a long-term memory if feelings and emotions are your memories. Does that mean nothing new is happening in your life?

You cannot think greater than you feel and you feel sadness, guilt, or shame, of past experiences. Your feelings drive thoughts and chemicals to feel same emotions your repetition conditions the body to know your emotional state and you live in the past. If you cannot think greater than how you feel. People talk about the past and never live in the now or future due to end products of your past. Don’t live in the past as in looking in the rear-view mirror when you drive. Drive to a new destination and look forward to new thoughts and plan! Memories connected to trauma and crisis that keeps you anchored to the past. You tell a story and I am this way because this happened to me in the past. Who wants to live in a biological memory and not changing for years?

Scientific American and fifty percent of what you talk about tis not the truth. You make it up because you are not the personal brain and body. thoughts are the language of the brain and feelings are the language of your body. If you think you feel insecure then you will be insecure in your body. The person says I am insecure. If you say I AM into anything then you commit to your destiny. Why wait on something wrong in your life to change? Why is that?

Why wait? Learn and change in a state of joy and inspiration not just past trauma memories that have defined you in the last 10 years.

Chemicals drive the same thoughts in the unconscious mind. Actual emotions that you create by thought alone so your body is believing you are in the same experience because you program it to the past and you cannot create a new future hanging on to the same reactions to your past. You have a choice. When an event changes how you feel and a chemical reaction happens and you can act and not react to your altered emotions.

When you think you are living in thoughts of the past you can create a mood as one long emotional reaction for weeks and that’s then called a temperament. Why are you so bitter? You say because I had this experience and I am memorizing this emotion reaction. The past can come up as a personality trait and a person will talk about the past so not to create the reality you want. If you are not being defined by the future possibilities for yourself as creating your future then it is you controlling how you think and feel in the past.

Everything you are and everything you do and when you do the same thing every day you cause yourself to be equal to everything you do and know of the past and you keep creating the life you have.

Change how you think in the past and your conditions in your world. If you don’t like your way of life then change it. Can you see it, smell it, taste, it and can you see in the way you can imagine a future that you cannot see yet?

You can now learn to change your brain from living in the past to love you in the future. Change guilt and suffering into inspiration and joy and gratitude.

You can signal new ways to change your body and learn to live in epigenetics with thoughts alone. This is now being done by people to look at themselves in health and wellness. You can learn to walk right into your vision!

Alien ET Fest 2019
TJ Morris Agency American Communications Online