ET Hwy Area 51 Alien Fest

Separate from the push and pull of Alienstock vs. Alien-Stock is an independently planned event called Area 51 Basecamp. Basecamp is billing itself at once educational and authentically fan-oriented; unlike either iteration of Alienstock, this event has a detailed schedule composed of speakers versed in ufology — the study of UFOs. George Harris of the Alien Research Center in Hiko, Nevada — a tourist destination some 30 miles from Rachel — is hosting the Basecamp event at the center, which offers “fun, souvenirs, and UFO information.”

Among the planned speakers is documentarian Jeremy Corbell, an exuberant character in the ufology world best known for his film about the infamous Area 51 obsessive and self-proclaimed whistleblower Bob Lazar. Lazar is a fairly private man who claims to have worked for the US government on projects directly tied to extraterrestrials at Area 51; in an entertaining twist, it was actually from a podcast interview that Lazar and Corbell did earlier this year that Matty Roberts found out about Area 51’s complicated history and was inspired to joke about storming the place.

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ACO UFO NEWS on Alien-Stock Annual Music Fest

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There will apparently be an Annual Event planned now for promoting the NEVADA AREA from Las Vegas to Rachel Nevada as the Alien drive the Alien Highway on Nevada State Route 375, keep your eyes peeled. You may just see something a little odd … up in the sky? Maybe. On the ground: 100%. But, isn’t that why you’re here?

One thing is for sure: when you pilot your vessel along the wide open roads through this scenic, otherworldly wilderness with that warm wind in your hair (or antennae), you’ll appreciate why a visitor would travel across the galaxy to enjoy this kind of freedom on the ET Highway.

Alien ET Fest 2019


  • The ET Highway Sign
  • ET Fresh Jerky
  • Alien Research Center
  • The Little A’Le’Inn

Connie West, proprietor of the Little A’Le’Inn and Roberts’s original Alienstock co-host, is still planning to continue with its own event, now billed as “Alien-Stock” (note the dash), a three-day “OFFICIAL Storm Area 51 Festival.” Although Roberts served West a cease-and-desist notice over her use of the name, West soldiers on — she even has a lineup of musicians advertised on the Little A’Le’Inn’s website.

(As Time observed, Alienstock in Rachel is the only event that released a musical lineup prior to the weekend. Bands include Speed of Light, a punk band composed of a trio of teen siblings; a band called Brothers of Alien Rock, which fittingly dresses up as aliens and has an entire extraterrestrial lore; and an all-girl pop group called Pynk Le’monade that claims to have worked with “DJ Skrillex, Pitbull, Christina Aguilera, TI, and more.”

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