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TEAM MANAGEMENT. I have a golden opportunity to work on an ACO Association DETAIL PROJECT.

Italy is ahead of USA for SCANNING into DIGITAL.  I am going to record a radio show as an ORAL ARCHIVE for ACIR – ACO BRANDS for our FILING and ADMINISTRATION MANAGEMENT SERVICE as CSR and we are in need of our own SERVERS and Personnel and Information Security Service. 

We are AUTHORS and one of my PUBLISHER-AUTHORS-SPEAKERS who lives in OREGON is named Dr. Richard Alan Miller. The other is a GRUMMAN Civilian Astronaut Author-Speaker named Ralph Kennedy Johnston Sr. of my ACO CLUB and he likes the articles and by-laws of our ACO ASSOCIATION. He will assist me as a “Figure Head” at the EVENTS to RECRUIT as SPACE Advocates and to talk about our ACO UFO Association for all of us. WE ALL DO SOCIAL MEDIA ON FACEBOOK. I have many MODERATORS and I Am ADMINISTRATOR.

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