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American Culture International Relations.

We are covering a process for starting from the business development, needs gathering, advertising and f2f/skype working with the internal HR and managers, offering them a consultative service. Our goal is sharing our friends who desire to know more. We share a spiritual science community at no charge to giving the candidates the sense of being treated well and with respect, even if not successful!

We are ACO Association.

We provide information services for our friends in social media and business to business as a trade association in integrative medicine and in ufo and paranormal science.

TJ Morris Agency and ACO CLUB of Friends who share Business to Business Marketing, Editing in English. American Culture International Relations.

We are covering a process for starting from the business development, needs gathering, advertising and f2f/skype working with the internal HR and managers, offering them a consultative service. Our goal is sharing our friends who desire to know more. We share a spiritual science community at no charge to giving the candidates the sense of being treated well and with respect, even if not successful! We are ACO Association. hashtag#americanhashtag#communityhashtag#communicationshashtag#mediahashtag#worldhashtag#morrishashtag#acohashtag#ufohashtag#tjhashtag#hopehashtag#tj



“Stargate to the Cosmos” event (hereafter STARGATE) and SPEAKER Theresa J. Morris hereinafter 

TJM at address _____________________________ agreement dated ______________ 

The following shall constitute a Speaker’s Agreement between the STARGATE event in Albuquerque, 

NM and Speaker of (address)  


STARGATE will be held October 25-28, 2018 at MCM Elegante Hotel, address Albuquerque, NM. 

I am available:  ___ In Person ___ via Skype 

DISCLOSURE​: STARGATE is structured like an Expo where one participates in order to promote 

oneself and his or her written work while splitting workshop fees with the event organization.  The 

Speaker decides and pays airfare & hotel.  STARGATE will endeavor to reimburse 

Speakers for airfare and hotel from the general proceeds from the conference, but does not guarantee to 

do so.  

SPEAKER: ​ A Speaker appears live at the STARGATE conference all 4 days of the conference (October 

25-28, 2018) and agrees to present at least one (1) event per day. Speaker does at least one (1) Lecture, 

one (1) Workshop and one (1) Panel plus attends at least one (1) Experiencer Session and one (1) Mixer 

during the conference to show their support for their colleagues and engage with Attendees.  

____ (initial) I agree to be a Speaker and will be present at the entire conference from beginning till the 

end (starting Thursday morning, October 25, 2018 ending Sunday night October 28, 2018) and agree to 

do at least one (1) event per day. 

PRESENTER: ​A Presenter appears live at STARGATE and does not do Lectures, but only does 

Workshops & Panels.  Presenters attend at least one (1) Experiencer Session and one (1) Mixer during 

the conference to show their support for their colleagues and engage with Attendees.  Presenters are not 

eligible for the hotel and airfare reimbursement program. 

___ I agree to be a Presenter and attend a minimum of one (1) event per day and I am available: 

___ Thursday Oct 25 ___ Friday Oct 26   __ Saturday Oct 27   __ Sunday Oct 28 

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SKYPE PRESENTERS: ​A Skype Presenter appears at the conference via Skype or ZOOM and is not 

eligible for the hotel and airfare reimbursement program.  


STARGATE pays Speaker or Presenter for EVENTS they assign: $100.00 for lectures, $50.00 for 

panels, $50.00 Experiencer’s Session Lead Facilitator, $50.00 for Mixer Host.  

EVENTS: ​ “Events” include Presentations, Workshops, Panels, Experiencer’s Sessions and Mixers.  

If reimbursement for hotel and airfare is possible for SPEAKERS, it will come from the general 

proceeds of the conference, workshop proceeds and balance of profits from the workshop(s) split 50/50 

between STARGATE and the SPEAKER.  

If reimbursement for hotel is possible for PRESENTERS, it will come from the general proceeds of the 

conference, workshop proceeds and balance of profits from the workshop(s) split 50/50 between 


If payment for workshop is possible for SKYPE PRESENTER, workshop profits are split 50/50 between 



STARGATE agrees to submit payment to Speaker or Presenter within 15 days of the end of the event. 

STARGATE will submit payment via check or PayPal at STARGATE’s discretion. Please ensure that 

STARGATE has the proper mailing or email address (for PayPal) for your payment.  


Speaker/Presenter will make​every effort to promote STARGATE including participation in radio, print 

and TV interviews lined up by STARGATE in the promotional effort on behalf of STARGATE.  Speaker 

further agrees to list STARGATE on his or her website 120 days prior to the event and do one or more 

dedicated mailings to his or her email list at least 4 weeks prior to the event. 


Speakers and Presenters may, at their request, be provided a half table from which to sign books and 

sell products.  This request must be made in writing no less than 90 days out from the event.  Speakers 

or Presenters may purchase an additional half table if they are available at​.  


Speaker or Presenter agrees to inform STARGATE at least 90 days in advance of all AV needs for them 

event(s) or presentation(s) at STARGATE. All recordings are the property of STARGATE.  


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_____________________________​Date: ____________________ 

Motivational Speaker Trainer​ – American Communications Online – ACO Contract Consultant – 

Third Party. Independent Freelance Entrepreneurs.  

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 OVERVIEW   We are part of a growing network of professionals focused on delivering highly effective,  research-based training to authors, and educators in the whole life living with  body-mind-spirit visionaries. We specialize in the paranormal and working with hypnotist for  those who desire life changes or finding out about past lives.   We are seeking trainers / consultants for our highly successful research-based ascension  cosmic consciousness soul foundation school program:   21ST CENTURY CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT: EFFECTIVE STRATEGIES FOR  WORKING SUCCESSFULLY WITH AWAKENING COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS AND SOUL  PATHS.   Our educational roots run deep. Components of our program were initially developed with  the help and guidance of Dr. Alexander Sasha Lessin, from UCLA, Counselor and Coach  Janet Kira Lessin, hypnotherapist, and Theresa J Morris, Psychic Medium, Ascension  Master, BMI Songwriter/Producer.   You will train other teachers using our copyrighted and highly successful evidence-based  programs. We have trained since 1989 until now in workshops and events.  WHO WE TRAIN?   We train actors, authors, artists, bloggers, entrepreneurs, hospitality managers, models,  musicians, practitioners, radio hosts, and webmasters who do podcasts and live streaming.  We train educators using our materials, nationwide (public, private and syndicated radio  shows.) We have been in business as a team since June 2012.   A smaller number of our trainers / consultant’s train at colleges, clubs, military (DOD)  schools, as well as at churches and private and Christian schools and in corporations.   WHERE WE TRAIN  

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You will determine whether you want to work in your local area, within your state, regional  area, or nationally and travel to work in other states.   EARNINGS   This is a way to earn a contract assignment (full-time/part-time). Our trainers earn an  average of $1000 to $3500 per training day (many times much more).       ACO American Communications Online, ACO Association, UFO Association TJ Morris Agency Shares in RADIO SHOWS with our Associations.   We are building Community for our Ascension.Center and ACE Metaphysical Institute.   We are sharing professional trade association for those who can produce webinars and workshops.   We have Authors with lifetime of interaction with anomalous phenomena and phenomenology and metaphysics.   We share educational entertainment with those who have had UFO Sightings and Contact Research and are sharing our professional trade association with UFO Association.   We share our radio shows in our spiritual science and metaphysical institute. Each consultant serves as an independent contractor which allows for unlimited flexibility  and earning potential. You can do this on the side (while keeping your present position) or  select to move into full-time.   SKILLS and CHARACTERISTICS, WE SEEK in OUR TRAINERS   ●Enjoy training/staff development  ●Possess strong presentation and facilitation skills  ●Desire to help educators and students succeed  ●Have a high degree of professionalism  ●Have a business mindset/entrepreneurial spirit  ●Integrity and determination  Our trainers are HIGHLY qualified with the ability to deliver a message while maintaining the  attention of the audience. You MUST enjoy training/helping others.   WILL YOU QUALIFY   Not sure if you would qualify? Here is how to tell:  Do you possess our “three P’s?”   ●Personality. Do you have the personality to deliver content in a way that will engage?  entertain, move, and inspire your audience? We will give you the content that will  make you shine, but can you DELIVER the message?  ●Professionalism. Are you the teacher, administrator, speaker, presenter, or?  professional that others admire? Are you the one that others come to for advice?  because you care, and you are good!  ●Passion. The most important “P.” Even more than a yearning to earn a big  paycheck, do you have an overriding passion to improve education and help  teachers of children succeed.  ARE ALL TRAINERS CERTIFIED TEACHERS? … (no, they are not)  

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BACKGROUNDS of OUR TRAINERS   Successful trainers / consultants who work with us have the following backgrounds:   ●Practitioners, Licensed Therapists, RNs, working with and/or training adults.  If you are a retired educator, or a retired trainer … we are also interested in you and hope  you will review our information. (Your experience is wonderful!) Our trainers are distinctly  qualified and can hold the attention of an audience while delivering outstanding content.   We seek certified educators but have a growing number of trainers who are NOT certified.  They have a background in the education field or close ties/connection with training others.  If you are not certified but have a professional speaking background/training background  you will be considered.     Alien Contact ORGANIZATION ADDITIONAL DETAILS   We will be in Phoenix, AZ and in Arlington, VA (Washington DC area) in May to train NEW  CONSULTANTS ready to begin (all trainers attend a 4-day session prior to starting).   APPLICANTS WHO MEET OUR REQUIREMENTS WILL BE INVITED TO ATTEND OUR  NEXT 4-DAY TRAIN-THE-TRAINER SESSION.    Maui, Hawaii OR Gulf Breeze, FL, OR Phoenix, Arizona, May 17-20, 2018     STEPS TO APPLY     We have high credibility and on and off camera that we as a species are engaged with what many will regard as those who are not just from this planet.   We share interstellar, intergalactic, and interdimensional   We are building community!   Theresa Janette Thurmond Morris As a precognitive seer and mystique is a researcher and writer on paranormal and has been sharing the Alien ET UFO Community since 1985.   She returned from Europe, Africa and was put back into a military uniform as a rehire 4X10.   The availability of her story and timeline after being on March 1m 1997 that there is no contest with other.   Publishing books and making a film will not be enough due to be a seeker of truth for one’s own self.   We share that we need a support community, and this is what TJ as Theresa J Morris is offering. TJ accepts this and studies alienology, cosmology, phenomenology, ufology, and shares theories based on her own involvement in uniform and out.   We request that you reply to this posting with a resume, cv or brief describing your  background and your connection with speaking to  businesses/organizations/students/schools.   Once your resume is received you will be sent additional information to review to evaluate  us as a company. You will be able learn about our heritage, history and beliefs (as well as  some of our school success data).   Senior Executive Vice President – HR, will conduct your interview by phone.  

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Thank you for reviewing our information – we wish you the best as you endeavor to help  teachers and students succeed! 

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TJ Morris Agency American Communications Online