Ginger Parrish Bowers

We ask our friends to assist us in a Funraiser to pay for Ginger’s Burial Expenses. She gave me instructions to sell her book to all my friends in our ACO Association in our social media communications and our authors bookk to please support our spiritual science support groups and she was one of our first ACO Family authors along with my mother Tess Thomas, and my husband Thomas R. Morris.

About Ginger P. Bowers

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WELCOME TO MY AUTHOR SITE! As an Author & Scientist, I have researched the field of Ether & Spiritual natures to shed light on a Science that is sadly looked upon as Weird, or Scary my most of the public. Psychic sensability is proven valid & in some places utilized by goverments around the World. Investigations first hand into the Psychic, Paranormal, & Supernatural realms, & Journalization on the experiences walked through. Teaching the everyday Joe on how to utilize their own Spiritual creativities in their unique Lives.

Ginger Theresa Fay Parrish shared her Lulu Author’s Page with our ACO CLUB,, ACO Association.

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